Mr Jones' Graveyard Shift

Mr Jones' Graveyard Shift 3.2

Time management game centered on the cemetery business
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Spintop Media, Inc
Create the perfect resting place and make enough money to help Mr. Jones retire to his dream destination. Purchase upgrades to get celebrities and even royalty to covet a spot in your graveyard.

Mr. Jones’ Graveyard Shift is a game where you run a cemetery. You will be playing as Mr. Jones, a retired man who feels very lonely until he receives an invitation from Mimi - an old girlfriend – asking him to join her at a Caribbean paradise... only if he could bring with him expensive gifts. Then, his dog gives him a pamphlet promising that anyone can get rich running a graveyard shift.

Therefore, the purpose of this game is to make as much profit as you can from your own private cemetery. You must enhance your property in order to make it the best cemetery around. To perform your job, you will have to agree on the price with relatives, choose the place for the graves, dig them, put the names on the headstones, and cash your money after the funeral. Sometimes relatives will have special requirements, so you may have to build fountains and find places with the appropriate characteristics, according to the specifications you received.

The unregistered version of Mr. Jones’ Graveyard Shift will let you play free for sixty minutes. After that, the game will give you access to a link where you can purchase the full version.

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